A Professional Landscape Design Service in Cape May County, NJ

Tired of staring at a plain green lawn every time you look out the window? Frustrated by not having a good place to entertain your friends and family outdoors? Well, with the help of a professional landscape design and construction service like Seaview Landscapes in Cape May County, your property can be transformed into the oasis you’ve always dreamed of. From landscaping development and retaining wall installations to patio installations and cement landscaping designs, your home or business will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Seaview Landscapes is a full-service landscaping design and construction company operating out of Cape May County, New Jersey. Whether you live in Avalon, Margate, Wildwood, Stone Harbor, or Brigantine, we have the experience and resources to provide your property with high-quality landscaping and maintenance services.

Cement and Concrete Hardscaping to Transform Your Property

Cement landscaping, also known as cement or concrete hardscaping, constructs a patio or another paved area of your property that accentuates the natural elements. Homes and businesses often utilize concrete hardscaping to build outdoor getaways where friends and family can gather to enjoy barbeques, pool activities, and other outdoor fun.

Seaview Landscapes provides comprehensive landscape design and construction services that incorporate concrete hardscaping features to enhance your outdoor experience. Retaining wall and concrete edging installations give both form and functionality to your residential or commercial property.

Concrete Driveway Extensions and Installations

Your home or business needs adequate and accessible parking options for both convenience and safety. Parking on the street significantly increases the chances of your car or truck being damaged while parked. It also increases the possibility of bodily harm when you enter and exit your vehicle. Why not install a concrete driveway extension to help your friends and family or customers access your home or business more easily?

Our team of concrete driveway installers can efficiently and affordably expand your driveway to allow for additional vehicles or simply more paved space for pedestrians. Don’t settle for a broken-down driveway and on-street parking! Incorporate a concrete driveway installation into your landscape design and construction to develop an inclusive outdoor area at your home, office, or retail location.

Concrete Edging Installation Services

Professional concrete edging installations can really complement your existing gardens. With properly installed concrete edging, clearly defined lines will capture the attention of everyone that visits your home. When incorporating a new landscape design for your outdoor property, concrete edging will not only accentuate the natural elements of the landscape but also prevent erosion from weather events and watering. In the long-term, concrete edging saves you money by reducing mulch consumption and containing water in garden areas.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Cement Porch and Patio Installers
In Cape May County, wooden decks used to be a preferred option for porch and patio design. Yet, due to the salt air and shore climate, wooden decks often experience shortened life spans as the wood deteriorates rapidly in these conditions.

At Seaview Landscapes, we install cement porches and patios that can withstand the harsh salt air often found in Margate, Brigantine, Stone Harbor, Avalon, Wildwood, and the surrounding areas. Our landscaping design and construction experts can effectively incorporate a cement porch and/or patio into an overall design concept that will provide a great place to entertain outdoors and last a very long time with proper care.

Garden Edging: Rock, Mulch, or Cement Options

Mulch garden edging is an often overlooked aspect of landscape development. Some landscaping companies ignore the importance of mulch garden edging to create contrasting elements in a landscaped environment. At Seaview Landscapes, our professional landscape and patio installers will integrate garden edging to accentuate your existing landscape or incorporate it into a whole new landscape design.

Landscape Construction

Landscape construction is an involved and complicated process. With options such as rock edging and other hardscaping features, landscape design should be performed by experienced professionals that know what is needed to build your ideal outdoor escape. Seaview Landscapes in Cape May County is staffed with expert landscapers that are passionate about landscape design and construction. They will work hard to develop a flawless softscape and hardscape environment that will mesh into an ideal outdoor area for your residential or commercial location.

Above Ground vs. In-Ground Pool Landscaping Requirements

There are many benefits to having a pool in your backyard, but having a pool requires special care, especially when it comes to your landscaping.

First, whether you have an above-ground or in-ground pool makes a big difference in how the property around the pool is landscaped. Above ground pool landscaping requires extra hardy plants and other hard surface elements to counteract the water that overflows from the main pool. In-ground pool landscaping needs hedges or other shrubberies as a foundation element to reduce water evaporation during winds and other weather conditions.

These are just a few of the differences that must be taken into account when designing and constructing a landscape for a pool. Seaview Landscapes will work with you to create a beautiful pool environment that you and your loved ones can thoroughly enjoy.

Seaview Landscapes In Cape May County: Building a Better Landscape One Property at a Time

Seaview Landscapes is a leading provider of landscape design and construction. Based out of Cape May County, New Jersey, the team at Seaview Landscapes are trained and knowledgeable professionals that can build a beautiful landscape for your home or business. Seaview also provides:

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